Jennie Finch: My Favorite Softball Player

Jennie Finch: My Favorite Softball Player

Jennie Finch: My Favorite Softball Player Softball is another type of baseball. It is being played with a larger ball on a smaller field. On 1887, this game was invented by George Hancock as an indoor game. He was credited to have invented the first type of ball and softball bats. Later, softball was played in an outdoor field. This was invented and played in Chicago. And the rest was history. The succeeding years have marked the development of this game. Due to its popularity, softball has already reached other countries.

Jennie Finch: My Favorite Softball Player

Knowing More about Its Player

Whether these players will wear their softball gloves or carry their bats, the game will go on. The game is played by two opposing team. Each team should have nine players to play in the field. Each player has its own position to be played. The most important thing that everyone should do is to watch the ball. It is the most important thing to do for them to have their homerun.

Jennie Finch: My Favorite Softball Player
Jennie Finch: My Favorite Softball Player

It is really interesting to see how these players work all together to win against their opponent. Most especially if the only hope of the team is their pitcher or their batter. The risk of win or lose depends on them. Considering the wide field, there are other people who will think that it is impossible. But for those who really believe in themselves, they sure will bring home the bacon.

Today, the issue about things, that women can’t do but men can, has ended. Women empowerments are getting stronger because of the famous women in industry. Although there are still some factors that separate both sexes, women are proving to the society that they can do it. Just like what Jennie Finch has done. She has showed the world that even women with pink hairband know how to use softball bats.

The Best Female Pitcher

Jennie Finch, or Jennie Lynn Finch in real life, was born on September 3, 1980. She was married to Casey Daigle. That is why she has occasionally used the surname of her husband. She has played softball at a very young age and has continued playing until high school. Her father taught her how to pitch perfectly. That is why she was known to her first pitching coach. In fact, there are also games that she has played. She also played softball using softball bats. Her college years were really fruitful because those years have marked the beginning of her career in the field of sports.

Why Hailed As the Best Pitcher?

You will not be hailed as the best of the best if you do not have the skills. Even people who are watching a single game will determine the best from that not so best among the players. Even if they are not that expert about the game, but merely the attitude that a player shows in a game, that is already a basis. There is still a need not just to have a nice attitude but also wear your softball gloves with confidence.

In case of the best pitcher, Finch has really the reason to be hailed as the best. You can just notice the strength and the force that she has every time she releases the ball. She was young when she has first started playing this game. At a young age, she has already faced the challenges of every game that she had played. Having her father as his pitching coach, she was taught how to pitch the ball perfectly. The continuous involvement that she had during her school days will real strengthen the knowledge and skills that she had. Before being a real pitcher, she has experienced playing a game with softball bats.

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