Mastery of the basketball fundamentals: Key to winning

Mastery of the basketball fundamentals: Key to winning

Mastery of the basketball fundamentals: Key to winning In order to play basketball efficiently, you need to be crystal clear on all the basketball fundamentals. It is not enough that you know how to dribble and shoot the ball. Basketball is a sport that requires multi skill.  Besides, you would not want to be blown by whistles all the time by the referee. Getting an insight about playing basketball will help you master all the skill inside the court. Here is a list of the basketball fundamentals that you need to master.

Mastery of the basketball fundamentals: Key to winning

Shooting is the most important skill that a player has to practice and master. Keep in mind that shooting is the only way on how to win basketball game. Your skill in dribbling and shooting is totally useless, (at least for your own self) if you do not know how to make a good shot of the basketball.

Mastery of the basketball fundamentals: Key to winning
Mastery of the basketball fundamentals: Key to winning

Dribbling, in order to advance to any position with the ball, you need to bounce it. However, you have to bear in mind that dribbling is different from bouncing. You should also know that you cannot use both of your hands at the same time in dribbling the ball. Well you can but expect for a call.  If you are a beginner, you might want to practice dribbling with your dominant hand. Pros use more advanced dribbling techniques such as changing face and cross overs.

Free throws. Not to exaggerate, but making the free throws can win a game. Free throws are basketball fundamentals in in which the player has to shoot   the ball without being opposed. Lay-ups are the easiest way to shoot the ball. This is the reason why this type of shooting is highly recommended for beginner though they are also done by basketball pros. With lay ups, the player has to shoot the ball when he is close to the basket.  Players usually opt for lay ups after fast break. During the lay-up, the player is allowed to take extra steps thus giving him a momentum to easily lay the ball with his single hand.

Lay-ups are deemed to be the most effective way of shooting the ball. With this type of shooting, you will easily shoot the ball with your dominant hand close to the basket. Lay-ups are usually done by players during fast breaks.

Shooting, this is a very important lesson in attending basketball training programs. Keep in mind that there are no scores in dribbling and passing. It is when you shoot the ball that gives you a score. Because of this, the player has to learn the proper techniques in shooting the ball as well as the different types of shooting. It involves three point shooting and lay ups.  You will also undergo jump shot trainings and free throws.
Passing, you are not alone inside the court. You have team mates whom you can pass the ball when there’s no way to go. This is the reason why passing is also a basketball fundamental that all payers need to practice. There are many types of passing. The most common way to pass the ball is bounce pass. Here are two kinds of pass that you need to master.

Chest pass is a way of passing   in which the ball is aligned in the level of the chest. In doing chest pass, the player has to grip the ball with his two hands with the thumbs directly on it. Upon passing, the fingers   are rotated with both thumbs pointing down.

Bounce pass is thrown with the same manner are with that of chest pass. The only difference is that the ball is bounced on the floor.

Basketball fundamentals are very important in playing very game. While you are geared with basketball stuffs, you should also be familiar with the important skill. In the long run, playing basketball is not only about creating every shot but the player should also be aware on  the fundamentals in order to call it basketball rather than any  sort of bouncing ball stuffs.

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