Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tips in Handicap Betting

Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tips in Handicap Betting

Toronto Raptors experienced a good season. The game is great, consistent performance, and agile player who becomes the cause of the success of Toronto’s entry into the ranks of the NBA’s top teams in Best Online Sports Bookie website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. This year, Toronto will be able to penetrate the regional semifinals. They are one of the title contenders to be reckoned with Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tips in Handicap Betting. The opposite condition experienced by Minnesota Timberwolves. This team still has not found their best performance. Opportunity to qualify for the play-offs are very small. Especially if you see the game they go up and down every day. If this condition persists, Minnesota could be ending the season in the bottom position.

Toronto Raptors and Minnesota Timberwolves have met previously in December 2016 where the match was won by the Toronto Raptors with a score of 124-110. Both teams did play as possible so there are a lot of points that had been created. The next meeting of the two teams expected to be better where the Toronto Raptors is the favorite to win. You who want to bet on matches Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves must be ready to strike in this match. Seeing the strength of both teams, playing handicap is a better option to earn greater profits. Moreover, the level of play of Toronto remained above Minnesota and they could possibly take home the victory. If you are not sure which option to take, here are some tips that can be used to bet on the game handicap Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves.

Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tips in Handicap Betting

Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tips in Handicap Betting
Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tips in Handicap Betting

Tip #1: 1st and 3rd Quarter

Toronto is usually only able to win by a margin of small points or even losing in quarter 1 at the biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. If an offer is given quite interesting, then you should sign in using a handicap bet. Take a bid if the handicap given to Toronto is below -3.5. If not, then you should take a handicap for Minnesota.

The conditions at the first quarter will usually turn on quarter 3. Toronto likely to multiply points. If the preliminary results indicate that Toronto was lagging behind, then you should bet handicap for Toronto. If Toronto is being outperformed Minnesota, then go on handicap bids with the highest limit of -5.00.

Tip #2: Half Time

The match half time in Toronto and Minnesota usually lasts fierce. If Toronto left behind, then the game at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets will be relatively one-sided. Toronto will demolish the second quarter to an all-out to win or at least reduce the difference in points. Come bet handicap according to the difference in the first quarter. Normally, Toronto will far surpass Minnesota in the second quarter with a difference of 5 to 10 points. Handicap that you take should be adjusted to match the interim results in the first quarter.

You should avoid playing handicap for half time before the game at least 6 minutes into the first quarter. Several times Toronto was a bit slow in starting the game making the half time result to be different from the forecast. Ideally, Toronto would be ahead of Minnesota when entering half time with a margin ranging from 3 to 7 points.

Tip #3: Full Time

Toronto will likely win this match. You should check the handicap offered for full-time and enter the bet before the game starts. The maximum handicap limit to bet on this match is 7.50. If the handicap offered exceed that number, then wait until the match lasted a few minutes. Handicap will usually change. If you dare, you can immediately bet on Minnesota.

You can also enter the match Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves into the mix parlay bets list. If the bid is given appropriate, then most likely you will benefit from a mix parlay bet for this match.

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