Video Slot Machine Games

Video Slot Machine Games

In case you’re hoping to get fortunate today, from a betting perspective that is, then there’s no better place to test that fortunes out than in Video Slot Machine Games of Luck!

This fun 5-reel space from EGT has 20 pay-lines on which you can appreciate lining-up a wide range of fortunate images including Horseshoes, Golden 7’s, Lucky Leprechauns, Beautiful Blondes, Ladybirds and Mushrooms.

Video Slot Machine Games

You can even get fortunate with Expanding Wild 4-Leaf Clovers, by multiplying numerous prizes on the Gamble Feature, or by winning 1 of 4 Progressive Jackpots that can be arbitrarily granted after every last turn of the reels.

Video Slot Machine Games
Video Slot Machine Games

More fortunate And Luckier

You can simply continue getting more fortunate and more fortunate in Game Of Luck, and even the Aces and Kings Poker Symbols can win you 2,000 coins, whilst you’ll need to spot a lot of the universally adored fortunate red and dark ladybirds at up to 3,000 coins. You can even win the same sum for mushrooms, however the main spot I’ve considered mushrooms to be fortunate is the point at which they’re beside some bacon, wieners, hash tans, beans, and a few sunny-side up eggs.

You’ll surely need to get fortunate with the wonderful blonde with the million-dollar grin and the come-to-bed eyes, however notwithstanding covering her up on the reels will win you up to 4,000 coins, whilst Pots of Gold of up to 8,000 coins could be yours for coating up Leprechauns.

A significant number of the above prizes can likewise be bet in the Gamble Feature in case you’re feeling brave. You should simply respond to the call of picking whether a playing card will be red or dark. Figure effectively and you’ll twofold your rewards.

You likewise won’t say neigh to Wild Horseshoes with wins up to 20,000 coins, and Wild Horseshoes can likewise substitute to frame other winning pay-lines. Most fortunate of all however could be the Lucky Golden 7’s, and the diversion’s Scatter Symbols are worth up to 80,000 coins when you turn in 5 of them.

Fortunate Symbols

In the event that one of your fortunate images simply happens to be one of the playing card suits of clubs, hearts, jewels or spades, then you may likewise get yourself the fortunate awardee of 1 of 4 Progressive Jackpots which were paying up to 45,000 coins at the season of composing. When you’ve been recompensed a big stake win you will be confronted with 12 face-down playing cards. Consider the Jackpot Meters over the reels, as each of which has one of the playing card images by it, and afterward attempt and turn more than 3 cards of that suit before you turn more than 3 cards of some other suit. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t win the greatest big stake however – despite everything you’ll win one of them!

Be that as it may, the most fortunate image of all might be the 4-Leaf Clover which can show up on reels 2 and 4, and will then grow to cover every single nearby position, in some cases turning reels 1, 2 and 3 or reels 3, 4 and 5 totally wild!

There’s never been anything amiss with a decent old good fortune fest, particularly one that offers such a variety of fortunate images to win with. Include the additional fortunes of having Wild Horseshoes, genuine scrambles wins, growing 4-leaf clovers, and the opportunity to win 1 of 4 bonanzas – and this is one amusement you’ll need to attempt your fortunes at!

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